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Michael Bateman

2nd Vice President

Michael Bateman

About Me

My name is Michael Bateman. I have been with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County for 24 years. I have served the last 14 years at the Department of Emergency Communications in the Technology Department. During my tenure here in DEC I have been involved in numerous system upgrades. Recently, I led our upgrade to Intrado Viper 7. We successfully launched Viper 7 last July after a year of planning, configuration, and deployment all while navigating the renovation of our ECC. I have been hands on from a technology perspective through every critical event that Nashville has witnessed since 2010. That includes the 2010 flood, the AT&T bombing, tornados, derechos, and every other event that might affect technology in support of our operations. I work closely with our training and operations departments to make sure that the software and services we use meet our needs and are successfully deployed. I was given the opportunity to take and complete the APCO RPL program. I then applied for and received an APCO scholarship for the prestigious APCO CPE program. I then was accepted into APCO CPE class 14 which I completed in July of 2023. I am constantly amazed by this ever-changing world of 9-1-1, excited for the future, and have been proud at how far we have come technologically in the last 14 years. I look forward to continuing to grow as an individual and to give back to our TNAPCO Chapter.

My Organization

Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications

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